SP4 Jeremiah J. DiGiovanni

"A Young Man Takes A Stand Never To Be Forgotten"

These words emblazoned on the hearts of everyone who knew him. At the age of three years, Jeremiah, that was his name, had a strong desire to be a soldier. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather who was a retired veteran of thirty-four years in the United States Army.

Jeremiah was truly a model child, always smiling and doing good deeds for others. He would do this many times over with total disregard for his own needs. He always strived to be the best at everything he did. Jeremiah was an A+ student in school. He gained respect from all of his teachers in the schools that he attended. He had the drive, and the motivation to succeed at any task. No task was too big.

Shortly after his eighteenth birthday his choice was to enlist in the United States Army, to serve his country as a soldier. He was the best soldier ever, and he was very proud to wear the uniform for his country. He completed basic and advance training, and finished at the top of both his classes. He was selected to serve with the101st. Airborne Division (Air Assault) A Company 4th Battalion based at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. He was assigned to a Blackhawk Unit as Crew Chief. The squadron was named "The Comanchero's."

Jeremiah's unit was activated for "Operation Iraqi Freedom" Valentine's Day February 14,2003.

November 15, 2003 was a very sad day for Jeremiah's family. His aircraft was shot down over Mosul, and the entire crew was killed.

You see, it is with great pain and sorrow that I write this article. That young wonderful simple man who died defending the very freedom that we all enjoy was my grandson, SP4 Jeremiah J. DiGiovanni.

A monument has been erected at the 10Ist. Airborne Battalion Headquarters, Ft. Campbell, Kentucky in memory of those brave soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. A marble stone bearing the soldier's name is positioned on the ground symbolizing his position in the aircraft. A red maple tree is planted by each stone to represent strength and stability.

Jeremiah will always have a special place in my heart. He always said that he wanted to be a pilot and fly. My grandson's wish has finally been granted, for he truly has his wings. He is now flying for the Lord.

Respectfully submitted by a proud grandfather,
SFC Edward M. DiGiovanni, U.S. Army Retired