After Hurricane Katrina New Orleans jewelry designer Anne Dale created a collection that became the symbols of healing and recovery of the entire Gulf Coast region. These designs are available to every jewelry store to help New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region - to date raising nearly $200,000.00 for local charities.

Emerging from the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina, Anne Dale's Jeweler for a Cause is a growing collection of original jewelry designs that help raise the spirit, awareness and money for people in need. 

The Collection includes The Self-esteem pendant, the military Star of Hope, the New Orleans Louisiana Collection, Facing Autism and soon the Sunflower Peace pendant. Each item comes with a short essay explaining the cause and inspiration behind the original Anne Dale design.

The Jeweler for a Cause Collection is available nationwide to a network of 60,000 retail jewelers and the collection is proudly Made in Louisiana.

Click here to view the image below in PDF format. Click the image below for more information on the "Star of Hope Pendant".