Felicia started her military career on April 9, 2002. She had months of military training and job classification. In the beginning of Oct 2002 she was assigned to Fort Bragg, NC to the 118 M.C. co (ABN). Her unit was deployed to Khandahar Afghanistan on Dec 1, 2002. They were only supposed to be deployed for a 6 month tour, but turned into 10 months.  After five months of being stateside the unit was deployed to Fob Kalsu, Iraq. Going into this deployment her mind set was much different than deployment to Afghanistan.

On May 14, 2004 when the fight became inside of Fob Kalsu, Felicia and another soldier were in the eating tent cleaning up after dinner chow when they heard an explosion at about 19:30. A cook and she ran to the C.K. (Containerized Kitchen) to get their weapons out of the locked weapons rack. Upon exiting the C.K. a mortar round hit the ration tent right next to the C.K. and they were thrown back onto the C.K. Felicia was hit with shrapnel and blacked out.  She had felt the shrapnel hit her arm and back. Felicia now has scars on her left inner arm and on the left side of her back. They called this day "Bloody Easter".  Felicia received a Purple Heart for her wounds she acquired in action.

Not too long after that she was assigned to work in the TOC as an RTO (radio technician operator).  The unit was finally redeployed on Mar 2, 2005.  Felicia was having re-occurring dreams about the day that she was wounded.  Her dreams stopped not long before she PCSed to Fort Bliss, TX on July 8, 2005 and was assigned to 4/1 Cav STB, which is a lifecycle unit. This means you are to be in that unit for three years minimum no ETS, PCS, or Retirement. She was re-evaluated for her back and neck injury and referred to a chiropractor at William Beaumont Army Medical Hospital. She has been undergoing treatment there from July 2005 till present.  Felicia's spine is now realigned, but still has chronic muscle strain and chronic muscle spasms that she is currently taking medication for.

Thank you Felicia Flake for the sacrifice you made for our country.  Your courage is inspirational.