Sgt. Sammy Anderson was serving in the Louisiana Army National Guard in Gardez, Afghanistan.  On September 29, 2003 he was seriously injured when he fell exiting the ramp of a Chinook helicopter, while carrying a box of ammunition.

The phone call came around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17, 2006. “I’m looking for the home of Ryan McCurdy, this is Corporal Clifton Trotter I was with him in Iraq.”  I (his mother) replied, “Yes, this is his home.”  Corporal Trotter said, “He saved my life!”

After the events of 9/11, Sergeant Michael McNaughton enlisted in the Louisiana Army National Guard.  He was assigned to the 769th Engineer Battalion, HSC, Combat Heavy, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He was deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan in July 2002.  During Operation Enduring Freedom, McNaughton lost his right leg and two fingers when he stepped on a land mine while performing his duties. He was awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Louisiana War Cross. 

Sgt. John Aaron Blanchard of New Roads LA was serving in the La. Army National Guard.  While riding in a track-tank on June 8, 2005, an anti-aircraft warhead remotely detonated under his tank, severely injuring him. 


SGT. Christopher Ramsey was deployed on October 1, 2004 to Baghdad, Iraq; he was stationed at Camp Liberty for the duration of his stay.  He was with the 1088th Engineering Battalion, which is attached to the 256th Brigade Combat Team, his unit is out of New Roads Louisiana.  He went on mission with, Task Force Geromino.  While out on patrol in the Sunni-dominated part of Baghdad, he was one of three soldiers killed by an Improvised Explosive Device (roadside bomb) which exploded underneath their M113 armored personnel carrier vehicle.  Sgt. Ramsey was 20 years old.